22 Questions About 2022!

Another new year is upon us, where does the time go?!

You will probably have heard lots of conflicting advice over the last few weeks about whether new year’s resolutions work or not. As I’ve posted before, I am a real new year’s person, probably because my birthday is in January. I love the opportunity to reflect on the year gone by and also plan and plot for the coming year.

The reality is you can make a change at any time, on a random Tuesday in a random week of whatever month you choose. You don’t need to wait until January to start. However, you can also take advantage of the quietness of January (after the busyness of Christmas) and look back on the previous year and think about what you’d like out of the new year.

Today, I’m going to ask some powerful questions for you to ponder about last year. We’ll look at what worked and didn’t work so well and most importantly take the learnings into the coming year and decide what you want to bring forward/leave behind. So grab a pen & paper and curl up somewhere comfy and consider some of the following:

1.) What did you want to achieve last year and how did it go?

2.) What were the best things that happened in 2022 and what are you most proud of?

3.) What were your magic moments, no matter how big or small?

4.) What challenges did you encounter?

5.) What did you discover about yourself?

6.) What was the biggest lesson that the last year taught you?

7.) What was your biggest surprise last year?

8.) Is there anything that you would do differently if you had the chance?

9.) How did you help yourself to succeed?

10.) Where did you hold yourself back/ stay in your comfort zone?

11.) Was there anything you set out to accomplish but for whatever reason you didn’t?

12.) If you keep a gratitude diary/ list, who or what featured most on it?

13.) Was there a tool/ habit or routine that you used that really helped you in 2022?

14.) What books, songs, films or podcasts motivated you and why?

15.) Who in your life was a positive influence?

16.) Is there anyone that you need to forgive?

17.) Did you feel connected to yourself?

18.) Did you allow your whole self to show up?

19.) Which relationships enriched your life the most?

20.) What do you need to let go of moving into the next year?

21.) How did you contribute to your community if at all?

22.) What did you do this year to help the planet or make the world a better place?

I hope you enjoy this exercise – make sure you take your time and go easy on yourself. I’ll be back next week with 23 questions for 2023 so keep an eye out for that! In the meantime if you would like to have a chat about how my life coaching could help you, please feel free to get in touch. Elaine x

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