Quarantine Musings

I wrote a blog in January about not having a plan for 2020. Little did I know that any plans anyone had for this year were about to be completely thrown into disarray. The world currently feels like a little child has picked it up ,as they would a toy house, and given it a massive shake & turned it completely upside down.

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2020 – It’s OK not to Know…

2020 – It’s OK not to know!

Full confession – I’m normally an annoying New Year’s person.  After all the excess over Christmas, by the time January comes, I am usually raring to go with plans, goals, resolutions, the works.

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A Cuppa Dating

Bamboozled by ghosting, gaslighting, breadcrumbing, catfishing, dog-fishing and all the other new vocabulary that accompanies today’s dating culture?  Trying to navigate the wonderful world of modern dating without losing your confidence or your mind?   Well maybe I can help.

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