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This time last year I was celebrating my success as a newly qualified life coach. I had just completed the Accredited Diploma in Executive and Life Coaching from the Positive Success Group.  As a fan of all things to do with people and the human mind, I absolutely loved this course and would highly recommend it. It’s a mixture of theory, personal development and practical real-life coaching. An added bonus for me was that the people on the course were super-nice and genuine and I am still in touch with a lot of them.

Part of the course is that you have to get coached yourself, both by a peer and a professional coach.  So what did coaching do for me?

  • Gave me perspective. Often when you are in a situation, you are stuck looking at it through one lens and when you ask for advice from family and friends they often see it the same way.  However, my coach provided me with multiple ways to look at situations such as work and relationships.  It’s this impartiality and the ability to “reframe” a situation that makes coaching so powerful. It can open really open your mind.
  • Made me more assertive: One of the topics of the course is boundaries and tolerations. Sometimes you don’t realise all of the BS that you are putting up with until someone listens to it and asks you why you are allowing a certain situation to happen and why you are not standing up for yourself!  You might have convinced yourself that certain behaviour is acceptable when in reality it is anything but. Coaching allowed me to approach scenarios in a new way. I did experience some “resistance” from the people involved but you learn to understand that is their issue and not yours.
  • Helped me understand what is important: One of the foundations of coaching is understanding your “core values”. This helps you realise what you want and need, what is critical for you to feel fulfilled and what is not serving you. It is the “why” which once uncovered can help you rethink your whole life.
  • Made me happier: When you know what you value in something, e.g. a job, you can assess where you are versus what is most important to you. You can begin to make things work for you by addressing what you don’t like and focusing on increasing what you do. Clarity is an amazing thing.
  • Gave me tools to plan and focus: On the course, you learn a number of “tools” to use with clients but I have since used them on myself to help me reach goals or figure different situations out. Listening and “powerful questions” are tools in themselves and can really get to the bottom of what you really want.

I still get coached on a regular basis and it’s such a good way to thrash through everything that is going around in your head! So if perspective, assertiveness, happiness and strategies to help you reach goals sound like things you could do with, please drop me a line. I would be happy to help.

Elaine x

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