Summer is in the air and what better time to take some time off to feel more positive about yourself and the relationships you have with others.

I’m excited to be partnering with health coach, Sinead Kelly, to deliver this workshop on Reconnecting with Yourself to Revive your Relationships.

The last few years have left many of us feeling disconnected from ourselves and others due to challenging work and home environments. We want to help you take back control with this 90 minute workshop.

It all starts with YOU so take some time out for yourself to reconnect with what’s most important to you, what’s great about you and why you should be proud of yourself. We will also look at your energy, your boundaries, your focus on what’s in/out of your control so you can have better relationships with others. We will finish with a gorgeous meditation.

Join us on Tues, 17th May at 7pm for a 90 minute workshop. Early bird tickets cost only €20. Find out more & register here today.

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