Autumn Reflections

Well I think we can agree that it’s been a year! Now that’s it mid-October, I almost laugh at the innocence of my earlier posts in January and March. Who knew what lay ahead. However, if you’re reading this, the first thing to acknowledge is that you’ve made it this far and well done for that. Whatever silver linings there have been, there is no doubt this pandemic has caused challenges for everyone.

One thing I know is that nature has been a source of solace for many people this year and I’m much more aware of the seasons changing before my eyes than ever before. No more rushing or commuting and with time to get out in the middle of the day for a walk, run or cycle, it’s very hard not to notice the vibrant colours of the leaves and trees.

Did you know there are 10 weeks left until Christmas and 11 until the New Year? I’m not going to preach about using that time to thrive as I’m well aware that many people are in survival mode. There has been an increased sense of anxiety in the country over the last few weeks and I’ve seen this in friends and family and it’s been obvious in client sessions also. So, the solution isn’t to just forget about it and go bake banana bread or learn Chinese!

What I would suggest is, if there is any one small thing that will help you through the next few months of 2021 and you can incorporate it into your day, start now! Just do it the first day for 10 or 15 minutes and see if you can keep up. A few of the new things I am doing are a few sea dips (not even going to pretend you could call them a swim!), a weekly short cycle and I’ve started doing Morning Pages from the Artist’s Way.

The other thing is to visualise where you want to be in 5 years time. I think the level of uncertainty over the coming months and 2020 is making it hard for any of us to plan. But if you close your eyes and allow your mind to fastforward to this time 2025. What can you see, hear, taste and smell? Who are you with? Where do you work? Where do you live? What’s making you happy? Now, come back to the present and think of the steps you need to take to get you there. What is the first thing you can do this week?

If you need help getting through the next few months or creating your 2025 vision, feel free to get in touch. Elaine x

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